FluxPlayer is available for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Facebook and Smart-TVs. It supports virtually any content such as multiple video formats, audio formats, e-books and interactive formats. The integrated cloud connection enables cloud based syncing and local content syncing and supports streaming as well as offline use.



FluxPlayer for Users (free)


With FluxPlayer you can access your content from virtually any device – online or offline. You can use FluxPlayers cloud connection or sync manually from your PC or Mac to mobile devices.


Use FluxPlayer with your own online or offline storage to manage your content. This way you are always in control and don’t have trust third parties to manage and store your content.

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FluxPlayer for Services, Websites and Webshops


With FluxPlayer you can add support for secure digital content to your service, website or webshop. Use a fully service solution like or build your own solution from scratch by building upon FluxPlayer and the integrated cross platform DRM solution(s).


FluxPlayer is well known for highest security standards while being transparent to legal customers. Thousands of content owners worldwide already trust FluxPlayer based solutions with their valuable content.

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